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Hey, I'm Sylwia Orczykowska, Art Director and Transformation Project Manager based in Zürich, Switzerland.


Whether I craft brand messaging, marketing campaign, social media content, creative production, or a workshop - I bring people together.

Over 15 years of participating in social dialogue through advertising, marketing, communications and design give me a deep understanding of social mechanisms and a wide range of possibilities to tap into their potential.

Engaged in the social transformation of our century, I explore the potential of bridging images, words, movement and embodiment. The multi-layered brand stories I tell, raise awareness about human beliefs and habits, inviting audiences to do things afresh.

My take on the art of storytelling is the ability to work on images and text simultaneously, bringing a distinctive integrity to the content. I attach particular importance to well-defined visions and the core ethos behind each story, the building blocks of personalized experiences and genuine connections between brands and audiences.

The areas in which I empower brands and their stories include:

—  brand voice and strategy (vision, mission, values)

—  visual identity (brand standards and guidelines)

—  creative concepts, art direction

—  digital and print marketing collateral

—  social media content (look & feel, visual, text)
—  brand copywriting (blog, letters, articles)

I bring brand stories to life also by designing inspirational experiences with elements of immersion and embodiment during business conferences, workshops and events. My art productions express everything that cannot be said in words and create unique points of contact with the brand's universe, coming from a selection of different formats such as art performances, dance and music shows, exhibitions, art workshops, street happenings and more.


My love of language and curiosity for the world of human values inspired me to study Philosophy which resulted in completing an MA degree in Axiology (Nicolas Copernicus University, Torun, Poland, 2007) and MOST Programme in Journalism (University of Warsaw, Poland, 2005-2006). Fusing this flair with my twin talent for creating through images shaped my following professional life.


On the path of building and developing brands from various sectors, I was art directing and supervising 360-degree advertising campaigns for local and international companies in Poland, Serbia, Turkey, and Spain (2006-2019). One of my work highlights was a series of brand stories told in collaboration with local celebrities. These were the multi-stage projects topped with photo shoot productions with actors, bloggers, singers and the creation of customized launch and seasonal campaigns (2012-2019).


Working on projects in Switzerland had a pivotal role in shifting my focus towards transformative brand communication, considering environmental challenges and social transformation of the 21st century (2019-2023). I expanded my professional experience by taking courses at Acumen Academy (Social Entrepreneurship, Storytelling for Change, Designing for Environmental Sustainability and Social Impact, 2021) and Interaction Design Foundation (UX Management: Strategy & Tactics, Design Thinking: The Ultimate Guide, 2021). I currently develop my interest in Systems Thinking and Designing Resilient Regenerative Systems (DRRS, ETH Zürich, 2023).

I dedicated many years to my passion for dance, practising modern jazz and broadway jazz in renowned studios in Warsaw, Poland (Ballet School of R. Turczynowicz, Egurrola Dance Studio) and in Barcelona, Spain (Escola Coco Comin). The turning point in my story of drawing the source of movement was the discovery and intensive practice of contact improvisation (Steve Paxton, Nancy Stark Smith, 2020).

I am also the Founder of ART NOW!, breaking new ground in approaching sustainability and regeneration through arts, feeling and embodiment. My exploration aims to come up with new tools for scaling up individually experienced transformation to a global level of shifting societal paradigms and habits.

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